Summer Camp


A customized Summer Camp for Children ages 5 - 13. 

Summer Camp is offered from the last of school until the first day of school. Hours are from 9am-4pm. We do offer before and after summer camp care. 

The program teaches life skills and healthy living in an interactive atmosphere. The children will learn about aspects of entrepreneurship such as; running a business, finances, budgeting, marketing, merchandising, promotion, scheduling, and inventory.  The children will learn other skills like cooking, growing their own food, the difference between organic foods and non-organic and they will learn how food can affect their bodies.

This is an interactive program where the children apply what they learn in real life. There will be a store set up for the children to run as their business. The business is an organic lemonade stand where the children will sell organic lemonade, and the produce they grow.

The program teaches children values and confidence they need to go through life. They are going to learn and earn. Every week the children figure out the business expenses and pay for the cost of running their business.  The children will get to keep the profits. Every Friday is payday (they love this part).

The summer program consists of the children learning about:

  • Managing Money
  • Positive thinking and the outcomes of it
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Organic Gardening
  • Producing and marketing a productMarket Research to price their products
  • Food preparation, recipe creation, and cooking
  • Merchandising

BONUS: We also have a TV and game area for a little fun and relaxation (after a hard days work)

Sample of our Summer Camp Market day. Children will

  • create their daily schedule for the day
  • make the lemonade (every batch is made fresh daily)
  • set up the lemonade stand
  • pick produce that is ready to sell, package and price
  • stock the stand with items needed to serve the lemonade 
  • get the cash drawer

Once all that it done the first shift is out and ready to sell! The shifts are run by two children for one hour and changing shifts every hour.  The time the children are not working the stand they are learning about different subjects mentioned above or relaxing playing some games together. The  stand opens at 11:00 am and closes at 3:00pm unless the children choose to stay open longer. 

(activities are subject to change) 

We involve the children in the decision making process to help them develop critical thinking skills and independence. Giving the children financial independence makes it an easy summer for mom and dad financially too!

Lunch is provided for the children.

​​​​​We also offer quality and affordable Before and After School program starting at $0.00 for those who qualify. To see what you qualify for go to the information tab. We look forward to serving you, your children, and your community.